About Sourcing

Optimize your sourcing for a better competitiveness… Winvestnet acts as a PURCHASE CENTER on behalf of its customers. We position ourselves as a final SUPPLIER in order to reduce their risks and simplify their imports process. On the other hand, Winvestnet provides comprehensive strategic and operational sourcing services such as, benchmarking against the marketplace, supplier identification and rationalization, RFX management, contracting and negotiations, and procurement process improvement including e-Sourcing and payment solutions. Our Strategic Sourcing Services provide clients with a situational diagnosis and strategic recommendations on :

  • Aggregated spends by commodity and category
  • Current contract costs, terms, and conditions
  • Product Specification including quality, availability and service requirements
  • Understanding of all fixed and variable cost drivers for total cost of ownership
  • Current Market Analysis
  • Recommended strategic sourcing strategies for cost reduction
  • Development and management of RFX or Reverse Auction events
  • Bid analysis and scorecarding
  • Recommendations for supply change
  • Final contracting and negotiations
  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing audit and continuous improvement monitoring.We also provide
  • supplier background verification
  • factory auditing & risk management services
  • quality control, inspection
  • Payment services
Please contact us for further information and quotation at : sourcing@winvestnet.com