About Investement

Winvestnet is focused on helping qualified investors and financial institutions identify and participate in quality investment and funding opportunities offered by businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. We, also help companies expand globally through investing in new technologies, or in new Markets. Each investment typically goes through the following stages:

  • Business proposition
  • Business plan including description of the business, industry, market and plans for future growth presented for first screening

  • First meeting
  • Talks with the management and/or shareholders; review of the business plan/investment memorandum; evaluating the project against the Funds' investment criteria and competing projects

  • Due Diligence
  • Legal, financial and environmental review of the company

  • Letter or Intent
  • Signing of letter of intent including the outline and main conditions of the deal and shareholders' agreement

  • Closing
  • Deciding upon final terms; signing of agreements

  • 100-day plan
  • Intensive initial period of systems / supply chain review and improvement; implementation of best practice

  • Monitoring
  • Active involvement in the company's welfare, involvement in strategic decisions, intensive communication with the company; Project monitoring/management support/assistance